My extra Monday


house – my room is clean

dinner – planning calzones!  Hope they work

nap – Wednesday is no nap day

diet – scale says 7lb down


I’m one of the rare people who like Monday.  I’m almost to the point of disliking the weekend because it is so disruptive.  Good thing weekends redeem themselves with random fun adventure and the ability to sleep past bus time.

For the past few weeks, and the next 5(00), the kids don’t have a full 5 day week of school.  Good reasons more or less and I like the kids around but it is a killer to the fragile schedule balance.  On the bright side, when they have a Monday off I usually do at least half my ‘normal’ Monday things and then I get a bonus Monday feel when they head out on Tuesday to school and I can tackle the elephant of the week.

This week I’m in the first lap of a service project.  My MOMs club worked together to make a set of MOM SOS boxes to donate to the local schools for their fundraising carnivals. In the box are a whole bunch of useful emergency things including a blanket in school colors, snacks, a busy bag with pictures and stickers and crayons, some first aid needs and fan favorite; spare pants.  I love arranging baskets and this is my first of 6.


Its fun to have a service project and it is extra fun that it is a batch of things that should be useful for the family that wins it!


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