Cookie booth ‘experence’


nap – not happening, no school today.  Why?  I think presidents day but who knows…

house – looks like I didn’t get Monday

workout – kids + cookie booths = no bootcamp, but, I’ve been doing well with elliptical time


In the past two days I’ve been to two cookie booths and here are my ‘fresh eyes’ views of the how to.


  1. Eye contact with people works, also, not yelling COOKIES but talking to each person makes sales
  2. Bring BAGS.  People who buy 5 need a bag…
    1. telling them 5 for 20 makes them consider getting 5
  3. Have your own tally sheet – it isn’t provided
  4. Know how many cookies you start with since your tally sheet is run by 5 year olds
  5. Have change for $100


Niamh is a cookie selling champ.  For a kid that never spoke to a stranger she was not shy about asking every single person regardless of age, race, gender, and crazy factor.  Zoe also did really well NOT over talking to people, sticking to the topic is hard for her but they are both doing well with the topic of cookies.


So that was the dominant thing today, even though it was not too long it was our morning activity.  I think we need to get out and sled because elNino is on the way and we might be getting 40 degrees this week.  We have tickets to the ice castle on Friday, I like the idea of not turning into popsicles, but, I don’t want it to be dripping on us either!


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