Archive | February 14, 2016

Happy love day


Nap – Fiona yes, in my arms, while standing in the mall (but I’ll take it)

Health – clear eyes and dry noses

Cat – still alive for those tracking his last of 9 lives

Inside playground – at 90%, still need door delivery and hinges


Today is the day of corporate mandated love expression.  I personally like holidays like this in general and it is nice that it is a reasonably low expectation day.  There is the push for the class valentines but between Lars and I we have kept it simple forever.  To be perfectly sappy, we are pretty good about the love stuff year round.

On the other hand, it is a day that has a bad way of giving power to those who don’t disserve it.  There are people in my life that are not thoughtful and for some reason they take up more brain space than the people who are.  There are times in my past that the new group of people I found myself with were mean or rude or just non helpfully neutral and I have seen many of them/the culture change their ways and  that makes me glad for the positive way someone new is treated, but I still have a ‘poor me’ bit that is sad that I suffered through that time.  Why do I let these things upset me?  I don’t know, maybe hormones, because I have so many people and situations around me that are fabulous.  They are kind and generous and happy and excited and have  helped me in ways they (and probably I) don’t even know.

I need to keep working on focusing on the positive and productive.  If you don’t like me, fine, I’ll still treat you as I wish to be treated not how you might treat me.

Next on my agenda is a nice run on my elliptical in a 45min chunk of time carved out for me by my loving husband.  I have the ever present (sometimes aggressive) love of three kids who at this moment are behaving well and who actually did great all day at a cookie event and now earned their pizza.  Post-pizza I have a fondue pot and fruit with our name on it and once they are settled we are turning on the Martian and watching Matt Damon.  How is that for an exciting, romantic Sunday night 🙂

I do hope that today passed well for you all.  That the day met your expectations.  If not, I hope you are successful in embracing the fact that you are in charge of your own happiness and take back the power from the idiots who don’t appreciate you.

Happy Valentines day ~