Valentines Day card Photo DIY – how to

Every year I walk the line between the mom that does something cool, and that mom that is obsessed with Pinterest and ‘she-must-not-have-better-things-to-do!’.  I do really like coming up with something fun for each year and getting it done, and yes, it took Pinterest research and a bit of time and effort.  It also, like most things handmade, was more expensive than the 36 box of valentines from Walmart.  However, I think it is worth it.  I think my kids are happy that I spend time on something for them.  I think that they see the creative process and a result.  I also think that they are learning that if we are putting the time and effort into a project, why not make it awesome!


So, this year I was inspired by this pin, and many like it.  The premise is simple – a picture of your child ‘holding’ a piece of candy.  I wanted some options so I also did a version where they are ‘blowing’ kisses and we attached Hershey kisses in a bag to the back.  If I just stuck with dumdums it would have been more economic, but, lesson learned.  (bag of 50 dumdum 1.75, big bag of kisses $10)



paper cutter/scissors

hole punch, or, Exacto blade


Excel or word on a computer


red Sharpie




clear bags if you are doing kisses



  1. Take pictures of your kids.  Make sure their hand is far away from their body so there is room for the candy to not be on top of them.
  2. Format the pictures as 3×5 and clean them up if you need to (I use Picasa)
    1. In Picasa and I’m sure other photo programs, you can add text.  If that works for you, AND you want to send these to be photo printed, upload and skip to step 5.
  3. In Word or Excel or Powerpoint, insert the picture and make sure to size it to 3×5 (this means you can get 4 on a standard page)
    1. Add text boxes to say whatever you like
    2. Add clip art hearts or be creative
    3. Update the page to have as small a margin as possible
    4. Copy/paste and arrange 4 on a page
  4. Either print at home, or, bring to have printed
    1. Use a heavier card stock to print, or, be ready to glue it onto a card stock.  This needs more beef than regular paper
      1. I choose to have my printed and it was a bit of a comedy of errors but in the end I got a great product and for about 80 total (I have 3 kids) it cost around $11 at the UPS store
    2. Cut the resulting pages into individual cards
  5. Inserting the lollypop is a little bit more tricky than it looks
    1. If you can reach either side of the hand with a hole punch that is easier
    2. If you can’t, use an Exacto to cut a C-shaped slot (single straight cut will make it rip)


  1. If you choose the kiss option;
    1. Fill bags with a few kisses (I did 5)
    2. Fold over and staple.  Mind you don’t staple the face
      1. Note: for cool red staples, color the staples with sharpie before you put them into your stapler.  It really is a great touch.


  1. The to-from options.  Depending on format you can either;
    1. Print black and white To: From: tags on the computer/printer if you don’t have room on the front.
      1. Staple or glue together after candy is inserted
    2. If there is a spot on the front, and you trust your kids spelling and writing, just write on the blank area.

This was actually one of the easier ones from all I’ve done, not too much fiddly bits really and they came together really well. I hope the kids, giving and receiving, like them 🙂


Ps.  Not too late if you want to do this!  It can be easily done in a day


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2 responses to “Valentines Day card Photo DIY – how to”

  1. Heartafire says :

    Great ideas !


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