Archive | February 9, 2016

one little monkey at the zoo


Weather; Arctic squared

Naps; Car nap FTW

Valentines cards; just noticed they are due Friday so that moved up on the list

GS Sales; Thanks to many generous neighbors and friends we have sold over 60 boxes so far.  Still have more to go!


Today we went to the MN Zoo with Mom friends and we expected to rule the place with our 4 little girls (Zoe had off).  They have as much inside as outside and you can easily spend all day in just the Aquarium and Tropics area.


Unfortunately, it was Spanish language day and there were 12 busses of highschool kids there.  They were supposed to be giving presentations on animals and they had tables all over the place and there were younger elementary kids roaming around listening but I want to say that today, the Zoo was a Zoo!


I think the crowds of not very well behaved, and giant, kids bothered the parents more than the kids so we worked around the crowds and the kids all had fun until they got tired and then they were done so we went home.  Since I only got 4 hours of sleep I wish I could have slept in the car but I’ll power through.  I just saw a good definition of insomnia – your brain is just too excited to go to sleep.  Usually I fall asleep easily, and I did fall asleep, but at 3:30 I had a visitation from Fiona and I had to set her up and that just made me too awake.  I now have a solid decision on the fittings for the closet interior and started the day with a good plan on getting done the things that need doing this week.  Luckily this is a very occasional thing that I can’t go back to sleep so I’ll just turn in early tonight