Thankful Thursday


Weather; soft snow, blowy but not sticky.

Health; fever free for quite a few days now (fingers crossed)

House; Getting to see results from my declutter exercises

Nap; meh, she is quiet at least

Beard; heard yesterday that beards are antimicrobial….


Three things to be thankful for this week, a fun exercise from NerdtheBrain;


  1. Cookies that sell themselves, I’m so happy that by merely posting that the girls were selling cookies a few friends have already reserved 2 cases worth.
  2. I’m really happy about the design of USB cables.  I don’t know what brilliant individual locked down the industry to an actual STANDARD so that all the USBs are the same.  To contrast, plugs might all have the standard 2 or 3 prong arrangement but the housing on those suckers have more varieties than germs in a ball pit.  One has to be strategic about plugging in something but the sweet and neat USB plug is just wonderfully standard.


    a Printer, a fitbit charger, and a phone charger – thanks for all playing on the same team!

  3. It is a milestone moment when my youngest little girl is willing and able to give up some of her favourite things because they are outgrown.  She has done ok with things she didn’t love up until now but these two PJ’s were absolute favourites and they are now going to a new loving home.  We took the picture so she could always remember them.IMG_7746

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