upping the GS Cookie game


Weather – sunny yet snowy; 2 hour school delay (gurrr)

Workout – eatten by 2 hour delay (gurr) 

Diet – Thanks Josie for my very accurate food scale, indulging the to-the-gram level of crazy counting

Nap – Fiona is in school today!  I can nap or not at will.


This Saturday starts cookie selling in our area.  This is the first year I have any girlscouts and I jumped right to TWO.  How am I going to keep their inventory separate?  How am I going to keep things ‘fair’ between the two?  I don’t know, this is my first year, I’m going to use stickers and wing it and hope for the best.  Unlike when I was little, now you get your cookies in advance and go out and sell the boxes.

Positive; don’t need to go get orders then go back and deliver/get money.

Negative; big pile of cookies in my house, and, it’s a push system so there is bound to be waste.


What I can do is make cute signs! Since we had nice light and a random extra 2 hours today I took all the pictures for this project and my Valentines project.


Here is my ‘door hanger’ just in case people are not home when they walk around


And here is my ThankYou card


I’m going to get these two printed in standard print size and for the thank you, that extra blank space if for them to sign/write.  I only plan on putting these in our immediate neighborhood but I made this one for the car in 8.5×11 size;


And in the open space where it looks like there should be thought bubbles I plan on having them write their goals in their own writing.

I am looking forward to a fun Febuary of booth sales and door knocking!


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