Domestic lock-out tag-out


Naps – I don’t bother trying, now she just passes out when we go get sisters from the bus.  I predict she will be the bus sleeper next year. <- I typed this yesterday and ironically today, she fell asleep on the way to the grocery so is now napping and I have no oatmeal.  I’ll take it.

Ice – there was a warm spell but there are still trucks out there, must still be icy, or, we have an extra high quota of idiots with trucks.

Organization – all the cabinets are done, moving on to the drawers next

Diet – yup, calling it a diet, I’m tracking food but just cutting out cookies really is putting me under my calorie count for the day.

Workout – missed boot camp AGAIN due to child virus (virus child?).  Running and stuff inside as I can.


Pinterest suggested a 5 things to do at the beginning of the month list to me and for once, it was mostly things that I feel would be a good idea.  One major item is run vinegar through your coffee machines.  I have not cleaned them in months so yesterday I poured 2c of vinegar and filled the rest with water and let the coffee pot do its thing.  The Keurig is a bit more of a trick and I was afraid I would be called away mid-process (of making cup after single cup to drain the tank) and poor Lars would come up for a cup and get fairly disgusting coffee.  What to do?

Thank you former-work safety seminars!  I never worked with a machine in my life, but, I was near an assembly line so I had to take all the safety courses.  Lock out Tag out was particularly meaningful one because they had severed fingers and electrocuted people in the video and in general, it is a good practice.  I could not really lock out the coffee machine but I did tag it.

After all that thought and sticker finding effort, Lars didn’t come up at all and I had uninturrupted time to do the whole job.  I can’t say if the coffee was better today but I’m glad I did it overall.


The list had other useful things if you’re wondering.  It suggests reviewing your budget, tossing anything questionable in the fridge (just did that) and setting a fitness goal (done).



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4 responses to “Domestic lock-out tag-out”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    This is so funny…I feel you are living my life in another world!! Have written nothing in days due to child virus. My steam cooker is gone ballistic due to desperate need to decalcify it. Am also watching those points!! Good luck


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