Semi productive weekend day


Health; I’m calling it a question mark… I have no idea if we are healthy or sick but we don’t have strep.  Fiona will have a fever one hour and fine the next?!?

House; I uber organized 3 kitchen cupboards and the sheets cabinet and have my eyes on the others…

Monkey bars; got the wall paper and the curtain rod and have a solid idea for a ladder to be done tomorrow.

Ice; the lake is ice, the driveway and walk way, our road, and we are expecting rain apparently.

Workouts; 1 boot camp, 2 elliptical ‘runs’, 1 weight lifting @ 140lb and a 1 mile walk.  Not 100% to goal but closer.


I’ve mentioned MOMs club a time or two.  Right now I’m jealous of the people joining because they are joining a better club than I joined!  I really like the people who have stuck around since I joined, they were not the problem, the problem was that the club was in a bad cycle of people not setting things up so nobody went to things and so people were drifting away and didn’t put priority on setting up something etc etc.  With the group that remained we pulled it back together and now we are a great group with fun activities.  The best of the year was our Mom night out on Thursday.  We went to play with pottery and then out to a brewery near by where we harassed the first date couple that was sharing our family style seating…

I did about 2 years of pottery classes over high school and college and some came right back but other bits were as hard as ever.  I made a few things, let’s see what turns out.  The best part of this pottery experience is that we are completely skipping the boring bits and got to do the fun stuff.  We threw pots, we did a bit of decorating and they will do all the cleaning of burrs, 1st and 2nd firing and glazing.  That is worth the price (plus there was wine) but the fun night out doing something was excellent.

Today we did a bit of a craft, I wanted to make this and I think we did ok.


I started out trying to get all 3 to make the rosettes but pretty soon Fiona devolved into doing her own thing, Zoe was conscripted into cutting 10in strips (hey, learning to measure is a good thing) and Niamh and I churned them out.  I’m pleased to say you can’t tell the difference between mine or Niamh’s.


Dinner tonight is an ode to single parent time – Pizza.  Lars and his BFF drove off to an event 4 hours away at 7am and they are on their way home already so I’m expecting them around 10.  We had a fine day of nail painting, organizing cupboards (Zoe is amazingly good at that) aforementioned crafting and general playing.  Fiona took breaks to have a 101 fever for a while and then no fever an hour later.  It’s been an odd day but aren’t they all usually.



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