Motherhood challenge

I was nominated by a college friend to participate in this motherhood challenge.  There don’t seem to be many rules other than post 3 pictures that make you happy to be a mom and then pass the challenge on to people you think are good moms.

Sounds easy yes?  No…  If you think for 5 seconds it is really really hard to define why being a mom makes you happy.  It just sorta is my life, especially since I’m a stay at home MOM.  Some moms have a clear line of work life and mom life but really, you can’t separate because once you are a mom it is a life-long title.  You can be incredibly focused on a work meeting/project/report/client/issue but if your phone rings and you see that your darling has a 103 fever **even if you don’t have to go care for them because of husband or nanny or grandma** a chunk of your brain is thinking about your child.

There are super easy answers to the question of ‘happy’.  I can show pictures of 3 healthy born babies, 3 kids taking first steps, 3 kids writing their name, 3 kids potty trained (this might be the #1 happy moment).  Then there are the sweet moments of hugs to me or hugs for each other or hugs with friends and I’m happy that they are comfortable and confident and loving.  There is also a spot in my happy for the epic messes – first because messes mean a creative mind and second – I can always blame my mess on the fact I have kids ;).  Even the bad moments of sleeplessness, puke, screaming, cranky serve a bit of a purpose to make the good times even better.

I’m overthinking this I’m sure but its pretty hard to define happy.  I’m happy with my kids, I’m happy when I get a break from them too.  I’m pretty sure that I choose to be happy but things my kids do definitely contribute.

To fill the challenge with a few happy moments via picture here are my entries;

I’m happy to be a mom because I can go on fun adventures ‘for the kids’ and also share the things I love with 3 people.


I’m happy to be a mom of a thoughtful little girl that filled this valentine for me and left it on my pillow to find as a surprise last night.


I’m happy to be a mom because I can make 3 people in the world feel safe and loved simply by being with them.IMG_7594

I signed up for this life-long position and I’m happy that I’m up for the challenge.

** I’m going to tag a few friends on Facebook but I would love to see a few blog friends answer this too, because, I think they are great moms**  Nerd the Brain, MissZoot, and FancyPaper.  If you want to do it – consider yourself tagged and link back so I can see/read it.

ps.  I consider this also my Thankful Thursday post








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9 responses to “Motherhood challenge”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Challenge accepted! In fact I love this. Will be in touch!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nerdinthebrain says :

    Awwwwww! I love your pictures, and I am so, so honored that you tagged me for this! 😀 I think my Three Things Thursday post next week will be devoted to completing this challenge. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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