Lots and lots of texas options


Workouts; did a boot camp yesterday, lifted on Sunday, and did yoga today.  I’m Back!

FitBit; working with it… last week I walked apx 12.55 miles, not great but I didn’t wear it for one day.

Diet; I’ve cut out cookies, I think that counts, ask me in a month if I’m lighter

Books; I’m in a new section of a series (that I had to re-read 9 books to), I’m finishing a fun WWII book ironically featuring the IRA, and the one I’m writing … well… soon.

Building; Have a plan for doors, interior fittings and ladder but it is being enjoyed already.


Last week I suddenly got the thought TEXAS!  It’s warm, I’ve never been there, we could drive in under 18 hours…  I posed the question to my travel buddy (and my husband) and after a few deliberations we are IN!  The plan started with the set of days that the kids have school vacation.  We checked around and found some fantastic prices on SWA and that actually cemented two things; Dallas, and, dates.  From there we are looking at some options;


  1. Hang out in and around Dallas for all the days.
    1. Pro; see more of one place, good hotel prices with nice amenities, don’t necessarily need a car
    2. Con; inland only, not all that adventurous, Can’t cook/have to eat out a lot
  2. Do a day in Dallas then rent a car and go to Galveston
    1. Pro; Plenty of cute Townhouses, a boardwalk, the Gulf beach, can cook
    2. Con; must rent a car, no pool, more time driving back and forth to Dallas
  3. Do a day in Dallas and rent/get transport to a Guest Ranch about an hour away
    1. Pro; horseback riding, pool, new experiences, possible cooking
    2. Con; might be boring, Don’t know many of the details of when/who can ride (em sent inquiring), the biggest cabin will be tight.
  4. Fly into Dallas, get a car, Drive to Auston and split time between the two cities
    1. Pro; Great art etc in Auston, more adventure possible, Groupon options etc
    2. Con; less planned, more drive time, more eating out


On top of those 4 options, we can also flip the order of when we spend time in Dallas to the end of the trip but at least we nailed down where we will fly to and when!  Technically we could just book tickets and wing it completely…  Lars is also thinking he might come for the weekend part so we need to consider that variable too.  Good thing we like to plan 🙂


The other major happening today was cookie related.  I have coordinated my 2 children into 6 different booth sales and tonight I hope to get them in a cute picture together so I can make a little thank you card with their picture.  I also heard that making a sign for your car sells cookies but, really, selling cookies is not MY job (but it is a little).  It’s interesting to see how two different troops organize.  They are different groups for sure…  Both girls are loving it so that is what counts but I have no idea how parents handle scouts and a sport and dance and gymnastics!  I feel pretty busy with girl scouts that are only every other week and Karate 2x a week – swim lessons have basically stopped for a while to allow at least one off night a week but they miss that and have asked about it.  I suppose there is just no way to know if I’m doing it ‘right’ but so far so good.


I’ll leave you with this picture from yesterday.  The achievement of the night was 5 pillows; 4 were normal squares and one was custom with a cut out for the support 2×4.  Now I understand why custom cushions are $50+ they are a huge pain…  Not actually hard but I felt like I was wrestling a large yet delicate fish the whole time.



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