Can’t trick me Monday (again)


Health; I think mostly good, nobody yacked recently at least

House; I have a plan….

Lake; Full on frozen and full of trucks and crazy ice fishing huts

Beard; Lars got a trimmer so it is better (and that implies that it still occupies 35% of Lars’s face)


This week we again have Monday off.  However!  I’m not tricked this week like last week and I remembered when I woke up it was a real Monday.  Laundry is in process, I went to my normal workout and brought all the girls, and then a minor shopping trip followed by lunch and now ‘rest’.  I tackled the kitchen while they ate and had two friends drop by and now they are settled etc and wow, it feels like a Monday!


Over the weekend I refined the monkey bars set up.  I made it more secure but I’m still lacking a few important bits; a ladder, and, doors.  They are on the list but pillows trumped them both and we got fabric over the weekend and pillows today at the thrift store and I hope that we will be 100% done soon so I can take nice pictures 🙂  The wallpaper arrives next week so that will be a pacer item.


I need to get back to the Monday things but since everyone was settled I wanted to hop over here and check in.


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