Taxes and cats


Weather – monochrome

Lake – I see trucks! (crazy people)

House – did some work today, I’m happy with progress.  99% clean laundry

Health – decent

Cat – on the roof


Today was the day I sat and tied myself to my desk chair to do all the town house accounting.  This year it was pretty simple overall and when I got to the forms section I only had to re-do 1 of 5 so that’s probably my record.  Someday I’ll remember that PDFs don’t save with the data you type….

Well, I felt like I would have more to say on taxes but that’s really it.  I still have to do personal ones but for only 100 words it took like 2 hours.  I also paid the massive hospital bill from Fiona that FINALLY got through the insurance round and round.  I handled bills in general and in the middle of it all I took a break to get my windshield replaced.  It isn’t even 2pm and I feel reasonably accomplished.

So for those curious about what ‘on the roof’ means about the cat, it basically means his end is near.  I’m sad about it, we have had him longer than our kids and on the one hand he still is a semi-happy pet.  He snuggles and tolerates the kids, he sleeps at our feet, he keeps off the tables and counters etc.  However, he was diagnosed with renal issues before Thanksgiving and since then he has declined despite special diet and supplements.  He can’t jump as well as he used to and he isn’t eating well.  The real issue is that he can’t make it to the litter box (or won’t?) and that is getting very very tedious.  We could wait and have him decline more.  Part of pet ownership is gauging when his quality of life is not worth sustaining and I think we are at a tipping point.  He isn’t ‘very’ uncomfortable but he also isn’t himself.  We can let him get to decrepit, or, he can go out loved…  I’ve never had to personally make this decision since all the other cats just checked out on their own terms one way or another.


The other side of the cat issue it the kids.  They are aware that his days are short and that he is sick and we have had animals just leave and never come back so I wonder if a goodbye discussion is necessary or just something that will upset them?  Things to think about~


And thus far, that is my day.  I hope to make monkey bar progress today and I’ve made the design decision to cover the ugly sides with pretty wallpaper 🙂


One response to “Taxes and cats”

  1. Becky says :

    In my experience, having the goodbye discussion and letting S say goodbye to our pets was good closure.


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