Back on some sort of wagon


Health – nobody is critical

House – pretty good, we spent almost no time at home!

Building project – no progress

Miles – still taking it easy


After two weeks of someone or other or many of us being at some level of sick I think today we turned a real corner.  I woke up with actual energy for the day and all the normal morning things happened like normal.

Apparently 2 weeks of sending off sisters to school and then adjourning to my bed for a 2 hour rest works for Fiona because while I was VERY happy to have the energy and time to tackle the kitchen (my life is glamorous) she marched herself upstairs and found a kindle.  Hum.  Well, have to break that habit …. tomorrow… because it was nice to have that 30 min to really get things in order like a proper Monday Tuesday.

Fiona probably needed that rest because for the rest of the day it was go go go go.  We went to a fun meetup with a ton of Moms and that was refreshingly social.  We had two very past due errands to run on the way home and then lunch.  Then Fiona had her 3.5 year old assessment at 3 and they were running late so we got in at 3:30 and had to beg a break in the middle to dash and get kids from the bus to return to finish the assessment.  The assessment is actually to test to see if there are any issues because catching them early is way better then waiting for in school warning bells so I had no fears.  She did very well, impressing the lady with the fact that she can write her name.  She also did an odd counting thing – the lady asked her to pull out 3 blocks, and she did.  Then she shuffled those three back to the pile and asked her to pull out 7 so Fiona took the same 3 she had just counted and moved them back, then pulled over 2 more and then 2 more.  The lady looked at her wondering if she was done or playing or what and Fiona stared back like “duh, I’m done” and I just kept out of it until the lady asked if she was seriously adding to the 3 and I said “she has big sisters”.  In the end she got 1 thing wrong and that was a thing that apparently no kid gets right at her age.  I’m not surprised that she did well because not only did I already know what they were going to ask, they are looking for gross failure and I’m confident that all her crazy issues are just normal 3-year-old things and not developmental delay things.

Anyway!  We got home with exactly 5 minutes to spare for Niamh to go out to Girl Scouts.  Tonight was one of the nights that they both had meetings and they were parent attend meetings to boot – Its almost COOKIE TIME by the way if you were wondering.  I quick made dinner and Lars got home as I was pulling out with Fiona and Zoe so I passed Fi over to Lars and zipped to cookie meeting #2.  Then poor Fiona had enough and did not want to go get Niamh (I’m still at Zoe’s meeting) but Lars got her out the door for the 5th time today and she was asleep before I got home with Zoe.


All the days of this week are booked up AND I have catch up work to get on not to mention a building project so I’m cautiously optimistic about getting things done this week.


Ps.  I was of two minds about boot camp tomorrow but the universe decided for me – it was the only apt for my windshield to be replaced available


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