The curse of the blab on the internet


Weather; blah – cold

house; blah

naps; blah can’t breath



So Monday when I was so excited that I felt better and went and worked out?  Well, that was about the last thing I did that day.  not much more yesterday.  I’m quite glad that Fiona is content to sit in bed with me and play on the iPad…  Yesterday we braved the outside world (that is quite cold) to go to the USP store and the grocery and by the end I was done for the day.


Obviously mom’s don’t actually get sick days but I didn’t do much.  I skipped working out and PTA and all nonessential duties in favor of soaking in the hot tub and reading in my bed while listening to ABC mouse.


Today I hesitate to accurately report my condition for fear the internet will steal it away.  I continue with essential duties plus trying to catch up a bit.  I semi-regret the plans for monkey bars posted because Zoe asks every 10 min if I started yet, including if I’m asleep or hacking my lung up, or in the middle of making dinner.  I do have a good plan and a materials list so as soon as I feel better enough to haul around 2×6’s it is on the top of the list 🙂

The only other accomplishment was buying a lotto ticket.  I have detailed plans if I win and I also have been assigned a secret keeper who will be in charge of making sure nobody ever knows we won.  He is also recommending that I delete my blog if we win and I told him “that is where I draw the line!”  I am considering his suggestion to change my name (if we win) more strongly than deleting my social media accounts.  All this is mostly an exercise in crazy wish planning but it’s fun, I highly recommend it 🙂


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