Not much


naps – yes, long ones, for us both

house – I put away more Christmas, we are at 50% now

weather – so cold your nose freezes from breathing


Today I ventured back to boot camp and it was the first time I had my fitbit HR and my heart goes scary fast when I’m really working!  Fortunately, I was right next to the person who runs it and she also got one for Christmas and her heart rate was not far off mine.  She runs triathlons for fun but is also 10 years older so I’m not sure how I line up with her.  Regardless I hit 140 today for 1 minute at the peak of the workout.

I’m also stuck in a mode of starting up on a bunch of projects and little things that were shoved off until after the holiday travel.  That’s semi-interesting in my world but really dull for blogging.  I am looking forward to building that play gym, right now I’m on materials lists and trying to figure out what stock cabinet door options will work best.

So that’s my day, I still don’t have any new challenges to take on because all my nap times have been full of naps instead of internet research 🙂



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