Finally working


Self: finally doing the thing I planned the day I planned it!

House: next up

Exercise: will do soon, missed boot camp though 😦

Health: Fiona is at school, last night was fever free.  Other girls seem fine, Lars still has mental symptoms, I still have something.

Ice: Didn’t look today but its cold so good for the ice people

Books: 1/2 done reading Fools Fate, 1/2 done listening to Stephen King’s new short story collection, no new words in book yet.


Today I’m celebrating that somethings are going as planned.  3 girls in school – and bonus – were all happy to go and got themselves ready.  I did all the bills and some misc townhouse owner duties.  I also sent an inquiry to a potential client, reminded my current client that we need to post (he writes)

The reason I didn’t get to workout today is that some evil germ is making me sick around 3am nightly.  I don’t get enough sleep as it is with Fireball trying to sleep on my face nightly but now I get her settled but don’t get me settled.  To that end, I choose to not overdo it with a boot camp.  All this could have been happily kept private because nobody really cares if I have a minor something BUT I had to give the background to have this make sense:

At 3?am I get back into bed and Lars rolls toward me, mostly asleep, but obviously about to say something.  I am expecting a “how are you feeling” or an “I love you” but he just said “Pew Pew!” (like the noise you make firing a pretend laser gun when you are 12) and rolled away again.

Now I’m gong to get back to work, I’m gong to look into new yearly challenges so if any of you are participating in one or know of a cool one let me know!


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