Health; Fiona – not wonderful, me – been better – lets just say I’m ‘dieting’, Lars – the mental game is winning, Niamh and Zoe – blessedly fine however I sent them back to school so who knows what they might have now.

Naps; Fiona is doing nothing but, I didn’t get one

Workout; missed my first boot camp of the year to be home with a sick darling.  

Steps; 5k for the day thus far, that is a lot of fetching juice.

House; far cleaner and less Christmas than yesterday.


My much-anticipated dive into new years fitness is on pause because Fiona is a sack of sad germs that spews occasionally and is the temp of a good cup of coffee.  She bounces up to almost normal but then says she is tired and lies down on the spot.  I hope today is the worst of it but I’m planning on doing nothing tomorrow.

On the bright side, she was content to be still most of the day.  I believe her low fever is doing more good than harm but to compensate for her pain and suffering I gave her 500% more TV than normal.  Since she was mostly a puddle on whatever soft surface was closest, I was able to get the Christmas tree put away, put away all the clothing from vacation, and give the kitchen an extra special new years scrub that included washing walls and baseboards since I had all the furniture moved.  Isn’t my life exciting!

I need to sit down and look at blog resolutions.  I have a feeling I didn’t do well on my weekly challenge things but I felt like I was constantly completing a challenge rather than blogging my way.  When I’m stuck for a topic or I find myself talking about the same things I like the inspiration but keeping it up every week all year is harder than it looks.  The other part of keeping up was, other than the finish the story prompts, they all led to nothing.  No community built, no new blog friends…  I have to reconsider my action plan for 2016.  I did to a decent job at consistently posting.  I aimed for 4+ a week and ended up with a total of 280 posts so 5 a week average.  My total views are down year over year but my subscriptions are up so that may be part of the shift and still, nearly 18,000 views in 2015 is not so bad.  There are 841 people that follow here, thank you all 🙂  I’m still like Pavlov’s dog every time I hear the ding of a new like or follow.


I’ve been down here long enough, Fiona is very quiet so I think she might be asleep again/already.  Nope!  she just called, quick publish or I never will!





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