ahhh home keyboard


Naps; I got to sleep late, Fiona is sick so is more or less sleeping all day

Bird Tree; picked clean, time to refresh!

House; left it clean, came back to that weird closed house smell, now it has luggage-splosion going on

Health; Fiona has a fever, Niamh and Zoe are ok so far, Lars and I have the nose/minor cough thing.

Lake ice; in 10 days it went from nothing to solid enough for crazy people to sit on (and they are).  No trucks yet

Mom Miles; YTD 10, today (so far) 1.67

Today has been major catch up and I’m stealing a little time from my workout to write so I won’t be doing a real post right now but I wanted just a little something here to greet the new year’s word count.

We got home yesterday in good order.  Flights were easy and on time and kids were reasonable.  Fiona was coming down with the community cold that our NY cousins had so she wasn’t delightful but she could have been worse.  Lars and I are still pretty pro at family air travel;  He went to fetch the car while I waited for luggage and when he got to the curb I loaded 2 kids and took #1 to help with the luggage.  SWA lets you have 2 checked bags per person so transporting Christmas was not a problem but getting it out to the car is still tricky but Niamh was a big help hauling 2 rollers herself!


We did a mini Christmas in the evening with the few things that we didn’t want to transport because they were already wrapped and/or too big to bring.  The animals were a big hit, I’m glad we indulged, plus now we can talk about the elephant in the room….IMG_7582


Today was very home based since Fiona could not really go out.  I took Zoe for a massive shopping trip since we left zero groceries to waste when we left.  Now we need to start resetting ourselves for a regular week including putting away a ton of clothes (brought home clean!) and making backpacks school ready again.


Now I must hop on the elliptical so I can earn my steps for the day.  I passed my misfit on to Zoe so I have in-house competition for steps and she is very very good at moving around 🙂


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