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Semi productive weekend day


Health; I’m calling it a question mark… I have no idea if we are healthy or sick but we don’t have strep.  Fiona will have a fever one hour and fine the next?!?

House; I uber organized 3 kitchen cupboards and the sheets cabinet and have my eyes on the others…

Monkey bars; got the wall paper and the curtain rod and have a solid idea for a ladder to be done tomorrow.

Ice; the lake is ice, the driveway and walk way, our road, and we are expecting rain apparently.

Workouts; 1 boot camp, 2 elliptical ‘runs’, 1 weight lifting @ 140lb and a 1 mile walk.  Not 100% to goal but closer.


I’ve mentioned MOMs club a time or two.  Right now I’m jealous of the people joining because they are joining a better club than I joined!  I really like the people who have stuck around since I joined, they were not the problem, the problem was that the club was in a bad cycle of people not setting things up so nobody went to things and so people were drifting away and didn’t put priority on setting up something etc etc.  With the group that remained we pulled it back together and now we are a great group with fun activities.  The best of the year was our Mom night out on Thursday.  We went to play with pottery and then out to a brewery near by where we harassed the first date couple that was sharing our family style seating…

I did about 2 years of pottery classes over high school and college and some came right back but other bits were as hard as ever.  I made a few things, let’s see what turns out.  The best part of this pottery experience is that we are completely skipping the boring bits and got to do the fun stuff.  We threw pots, we did a bit of decorating and they will do all the cleaning of burrs, 1st and 2nd firing and glazing.  That is worth the price (plus there was wine) but the fun night out doing something was excellent.

Today we did a bit of a craft, I wanted to make this and I think we did ok.


I started out trying to get all 3 to make the rosettes but pretty soon Fiona devolved into doing her own thing, Zoe was conscripted into cutting 10in strips (hey, learning to measure is a good thing) and Niamh and I churned them out.  I’m pleased to say you can’t tell the difference between mine or Niamh’s.


Dinner tonight is an ode to single parent time – Pizza.  Lars and his BFF drove off to an event 4 hours away at 7am and they are on their way home already so I’m expecting them around 10.  We had a fine day of nail painting, organizing cupboards (Zoe is amazingly good at that) aforementioned crafting and general playing.  Fiona took breaks to have a 101 fever for a while and then no fever an hour later.  It’s been an odd day but aren’t they all usually.


Motherhood challenge

I was nominated by a college friend to participate in this motherhood challenge.  There don’t seem to be many rules other than post 3 pictures that make you happy to be a mom and then pass the challenge on to people you think are good moms.

Sounds easy yes?  No…  If you think for 5 seconds it is really really hard to define why being a mom makes you happy.  It just sorta is my life, especially since I’m a stay at home MOM.  Some moms have a clear line of work life and mom life but really, you can’t separate because once you are a mom it is a life-long title.  You can be incredibly focused on a work meeting/project/report/client/issue but if your phone rings and you see that your darling has a 103 fever **even if you don’t have to go care for them because of husband or nanny or grandma** a chunk of your brain is thinking about your child.

There are super easy answers to the question of ‘happy’.  I can show pictures of 3 healthy born babies, 3 kids taking first steps, 3 kids writing their name, 3 kids potty trained (this might be the #1 happy moment).  Then there are the sweet moments of hugs to me or hugs for each other or hugs with friends and I’m happy that they are comfortable and confident and loving.  There is also a spot in my happy for the epic messes – first because messes mean a creative mind and second – I can always blame my mess on the fact I have kids ;).  Even the bad moments of sleeplessness, puke, screaming, cranky serve a bit of a purpose to make the good times even better.

I’m overthinking this I’m sure but its pretty hard to define happy.  I’m happy with my kids, I’m happy when I get a break from them too.  I’m pretty sure that I choose to be happy but things my kids do definitely contribute.

To fill the challenge with a few happy moments via picture here are my entries;

I’m happy to be a mom because I can go on fun adventures ‘for the kids’ and also share the things I love with 3 people.


I’m happy to be a mom of a thoughtful little girl that filled this valentine for me and left it on my pillow to find as a surprise last night.


I’m happy to be a mom because I can make 3 people in the world feel safe and loved simply by being with them.IMG_7594

I signed up for this life-long position and I’m happy that I’m up for the challenge.

** I’m going to tag a few friends on Facebook but I would love to see a few blog friends answer this too, because, I think they are great moms**  Nerd the Brain, MissZoot, and FancyPaper.  If you want to do it – consider yourself tagged and link back so I can see/read it.

ps.  I consider this also my Thankful Thursday post







Fiona’s first person

  Fiona drew her first person today, followed closely by for second two people, and then, three babies. From the ” draw a person test” she did really well she included arms and legs and mouth and on Lars those squiggles are beard.  

Fiona says the person on the left is her, the person in the middle is daddy, and, the person on the right is me. We are all holding babies. The lines on our faces are teeth. She says that her sisters are invisible and so is the house and our eyes. 

Fiona is three years and seven months old. 

Lots and lots of texas options


Workouts; did a boot camp yesterday, lifted on Sunday, and did yoga today.  I’m Back!

FitBit; working with it… last week I walked apx 12.55 miles, not great but I didn’t wear it for one day.

Diet; I’ve cut out cookies, I think that counts, ask me in a month if I’m lighter

Books; I’m in a new section of a series (that I had to re-read 9 books to), I’m finishing a fun WWII book ironically featuring the IRA, and the one I’m writing … well… soon.

Building; Have a plan for doors, interior fittings and ladder but it is being enjoyed already.


Last week I suddenly got the thought TEXAS!  It’s warm, I’ve never been there, we could drive in under 18 hours…  I posed the question to my travel buddy (and my husband) and after a few deliberations we are IN!  The plan started with the set of days that the kids have school vacation.  We checked around and found some fantastic prices on SWA and that actually cemented two things; Dallas, and, dates.  From there we are looking at some options;


  1. Hang out in and around Dallas for all the days.
    1. Pro; see more of one place, good hotel prices with nice amenities, don’t necessarily need a car
    2. Con; inland only, not all that adventurous, Can’t cook/have to eat out a lot
  2. Do a day in Dallas then rent a car and go to Galveston
    1. Pro; Plenty of cute Townhouses, a boardwalk, the Gulf beach, can cook
    2. Con; must rent a car, no pool, more time driving back and forth to Dallas
  3. Do a day in Dallas and rent/get transport to a Guest Ranch about an hour away
    1. Pro; horseback riding, pool, new experiences, possible cooking
    2. Con; might be boring, Don’t know many of the details of when/who can ride (em sent inquiring), the biggest cabin will be tight.
  4. Fly into Dallas, get a car, Drive to Auston and split time between the two cities
    1. Pro; Great art etc in Auston, more adventure possible, Groupon options etc
    2. Con; less planned, more drive time, more eating out


On top of those 4 options, we can also flip the order of when we spend time in Dallas to the end of the trip but at least we nailed down where we will fly to and when!  Technically we could just book tickets and wing it completely…  Lars is also thinking he might come for the weekend part so we need to consider that variable too.  Good thing we like to plan 🙂


The other major happening today was cookie related.  I have coordinated my 2 children into 6 different booth sales and tonight I hope to get them in a cute picture together so I can make a little thank you card with their picture.  I also heard that making a sign for your car sells cookies but, really, selling cookies is not MY job (but it is a little).  It’s interesting to see how two different troops organize.  They are different groups for sure…  Both girls are loving it so that is what counts but I have no idea how parents handle scouts and a sport and dance and gymnastics!  I feel pretty busy with girl scouts that are only every other week and Karate 2x a week – swim lessons have basically stopped for a while to allow at least one off night a week but they miss that and have asked about it.  I suppose there is just no way to know if I’m doing it ‘right’ but so far so good.


I’ll leave you with this picture from yesterday.  The achievement of the night was 5 pillows; 4 were normal squares and one was custom with a cut out for the support 2×4.  Now I understand why custom cushions are $50+ they are a huge pain…  Not actually hard but I felt like I was wrestling a large yet delicate fish the whole time.



Can’t trick me Monday (again)


Health; I think mostly good, nobody yacked recently at least

House; I have a plan….

Lake; Full on frozen and full of trucks and crazy ice fishing huts

Beard; Lars got a trimmer so it is better (and that implies that it still occupies 35% of Lars’s face)


This week we again have Monday off.  However!  I’m not tricked this week like last week and I remembered when I woke up it was a real Monday.  Laundry is in process, I went to my normal workout and brought all the girls, and then a minor shopping trip followed by lunch and now ‘rest’.  I tackled the kitchen while they ate and had two friends drop by and now they are settled etc and wow, it feels like a Monday!


Over the weekend I refined the monkey bars set up.  I made it more secure but I’m still lacking a few important bits; a ladder, and, doors.  They are on the list but pillows trumped them both and we got fabric over the weekend and pillows today at the thrift store and I hope that we will be 100% done soon so I can take nice pictures 🙂  The wallpaper arrives next week so that will be a pacer item.


I need to get back to the Monday things but since everyone was settled I wanted to hop over here and check in.