What day is it?


blogging; like the weather expect anything

naps; I’ve had more than Fiona

Books; Onto the next in my Golden Fool series (Robin Hobb), started a new collection of Stephen King short stories on audio, Have written nothing in 2 weeks but my writing partner has so that counts :).  **forgot to mention a pretty weak romance I listened to called ‘Montana bride’.

Health; everyone around us is sick so I’m hopeful that our kids hold out.

Visiting; have seen every family member in the state, 1 friend briefly, and met a few new people at the yacht club.

Exercise; ? what? my exercise apps think I’ve died and are sending reminder beeps.


I should probably have an entire category dedicated to the fact that when my schedule is off I no longer have the ability to remember the day or date.  I’m in NY, I believe it is Monday, but I can’t even say that it feels like an X day because I’m just in vacation muddle.  Fortunately the kids are all having a good time with different toys in a different space so my lack of planning looks more like ‘taking it easy’.  I know some people plan vacation to simply do nothing but I’m not that person.

All the holiday festivities of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day all had prescribed and traditional things that I was happy to participate in and plan little of.  I made more rainbow cookies and other than that I’ve been in the helpful crew rather then the leadership team.  That is nice for a change 🙂

I am getting in the mindset of the end of year review.  What went well, what didn’t work as planned.  Mostly things feel the same but if I give thought to it tons has changed.  My big personal change was leaving behind problems I could not solve and had no business solving.  That has simplified so many thing!  I can’t worry about how other people lead their lives, and with that, I accept what they choose and if I strongly disagree I just drift away from the situation.  That isn’t what I planned on writing but I don’t totally plan my writing here anyway.

Well the day moves on and I think I’m going to force the nap issue today since the last few bedtimes have been not ideal with #3.  It is also sunny so I’m going to enjoy the double reason to go out for a walk (plus I need to know what happens next with Mr King’s person eating car).







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