Packed and ‘ready’ to go


nap – me now, Fiona IDK she was at school…

ice report – lake has a solid layer, might support a squerral or small cat

Packing – as good as I can

House – surprisingly tidy

workout – see above two items

Cat – needy but needs met


I’m very glad I scheduled this entire day to prep for leaving.  Before 10 am I had done all the normal monday plus get Fiona ready AND special Raindeer hair.  I also went to the DMV and renewed my lisecnce (I fear the TSA won’t allow expired), returned all the library books, got special cat food from the vet and special cat litter from the pet store.  Worlds fastest trip to the grocery because I broke the frosting for the cupcakes and needed more cream.


By 11 am I had frosted and decorated festive cupcakes and made a very nice treats tray including rainbow cookies and delivered it to daycare.  I also oversaw (Lars actually did it) a tasty lunch box for our postal worker and stashed it in the mailbox (we know her).


Over the next few hours I did all the laundry, folded it all, sorted out what we are bringing.  I coordinated outfits for 5 people for 2 events including shoes and accessories (yes I dress my husband).  I mined all the spots I hid presents and made sure I was fairly equal betwen the kids and packed them all into a box and added a note for TSA since I’m sure it will look extra special in x-ray.  I cleaned as I went more or less but Lars took his lunch to clean the kitchen and he is probably why my day went so well.


Now that I have a fit bit I can see how high strung I apparently am.  Lets just say my resting heart rate is awesome, 65bpm when I’m asleep, that is very good.  However… while not actually exercising my BPM rocket up to 80-90 often.  To try and be healthy I took a lunch break to eat up leftovers and watch Ballers, for medical reasons obviously – nothing to do with The Rock.

Now final lists are in place, final load of laundry is in (towels etc),  kid food has been served, dishwasher is awaiting our dishes and I think that means I’m at the packing finish line!


Wish me well tomorrow as we navigate 2 airports and a car service with 5 people.


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