Full steam to Christmas!

Status – still morning, 4 of 5 people are awake and fed and the plan for the day is long and ambitious!


So I had the post below (in pink) entirely written but I was doing it while also baking a cake that had three layers to be baked individually for between 10 and 12 minutes, and, parenting and a friend stopped by and I was cooking dinner and finally the babysitter came and I never made another trip downstairs to hit publish.  Here it is….


Nap – not yet? 

House – baking has begun

Exercise – I got a cool new Fitbit so I have new stats!  It is also on a wrist band so way harder to hide but also harder to misplace.

Task List length – very very long, inversely proportional to the shrinking Santa beard.


My birthday ended in an odd fashion, but the whole day was a mix of normal with a dose of special.  We went to a friends house like we normally do on Friday and she made a yummy cake and I was sung to and it was very nice.  Only downside was that dinner for the kids was very late (she is just on a different schedule) and I didn’t get to have my family sing to me this year because by the time we got home and got kids fed and ate something it was nearly bedtime.  


Tonight we had a late birthday/ date night planned, but we are probably going to a friends game night.  Less relaxing and but more fun, I’ll just roll with it.  Today I tried to get my yearly calendar printed AGAIN and it has been rough.  First their machine was broken, now it’s fixed but it spewed out all the waiting orders and they have no idea where they all are…  Mine is missing but I did get to see lots of other families looking for mine.  They told me to re-order but:: surprise surprise:: it is something that can only be done from a desktop.  I’m here, at a desktop, waiting for the site to load after 5 or 6 tries it just can’t keep up.  Family, you might get this late…  I’m hopeful that maybe the Walmart near my parents will have better luck, but that assumes that someday I can load the page to order them.  


I did get my 3 color cookies baked and assembled, tomorrow they get chocolate topping and cut up for distribution…


Back to today, Yes, we did go to a friends house last night and it was a very nice time.  They just got a new house in the summer and it is very much like our house but just enough different to be different.  Next task up on the computer is to see if WalMart got fixed overnight.  We also plan on doing teacher gifts and painting today and then the packing will begin for our trip on Tuesday.

PS – according to Fit Bit I did 18 flights of stairs yesterday and that never includes my 1/2 flights, it only counts when I go up or down 2 floors in a row.

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