My Birthday Eve


Nap – yes and yes!  

Beard – Santa’s is getting shorter and Lars’s is getting more beard like.

House – Not bad

Miles – Not so much yet today but I have a date with the elliptical as soon as I’m done here

Workouts – So far this week I’m 100% for something meaningful every day


Today was the 9millionith cloudy day in a row.  It suited Fiona’s dark mood because last night she missed that golden bedtime window because I got distracted and she kept herself awake until 11.  Then at 3am she was up again.  Then at 7 she was wide awake and mad at the world.  I actually told her she had to pull it together or we would not go out to see friends.  To her credit, and the credit all goes to her, she settled down and got her own socks and shoes and even found what she wanted for lunch including going into the garage for the lunch bag and packing it.  Who knew she loved her friends so much?!?


I always benefit from some time with my friends.  This time we looked up and it was suddenly 12:30… We packed all the kids up and our hostess was sad to see us go – always a good way to leave a playdate 🙂  Lunch and house (and nap) and I arranged that Lars needed to leave the house with the kids to birthday shop and have a daddy night.  I don’t know where they are going or what they are doing but I really cleaned the living room and answered some email and now I’m writing and ready for a ‘run’ where nobody will need me.  I know cleaning isn’t on most peoples top 10 things to do when the kids are gone but I want to wake up on my birthday to a pretty livingroom!


My plans for this birthday are different from last year.  I think it will be fun if that is what I focus on 🙂  If I was bitter I would be annoyed that every person is focused on silly Star Wars and either counting the minutes to see it, or, figuring out how to be in a media bubble to avoid spoilers.  Spoiler alert: its a movie…  The good thing about a holiday birthday is you know how to stand up for yourself against all odds~  I almost feel like yesterday was the start of my birthday because Lars surprised me with lunch out and a bit of shopping, we even found a fun Asian market that has the ice cream I really like.  I accomplished a ton yesterday even with an outing and I’m extra proud of the ‘chicken’ pie I made using all the savory leftovers in the fridge (refried beans, steak that was not all that wonderful, small bits of veggies), AND I made a batch of breakfast muffins to use up all the fruit that was lingering in the fridge and the end of the greek yogurt.  Our fridge is getting clean and our dinner last night and airplane snacks are ‘in the bag’.



So my last two days of this year was spent pretty well.  I still have 6ish hours until I’m officially 6 squared so off to run to nowhere and read a book.


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