Macys Santa


Nap – I need one… won’t get one.  Send coffee

Miles – only 154/1000 points so far, slowly walking does very little

House – I need a slightly kinder word for disaster….


So I’m half way through my super day.  The Macy’s display in Minnipolious is worth seeing if there is NO LINE.  I can’t believe that people wait hours for it.  Luckily we had no line and it was only pleasantly crowded.  According to the ladies I went with, a long time ago, the display changed every year with a theme and was really awesome.  They agree that the fact that this has been the same for around 8 years is getting stale….  The setups are cute but I can almost see the dust.


The way they do Santa is nice though.  They actually have 2 so the line moves fast but they have them in separate rooms that are set up like a house and you either go left to Santa A or right to Santa B.  They have their rather expensive photo package but they also allow you to take your own.  The Santa was a true professional, very real and very nice and even has a few moves to make frowning kids look cute (like what we got).  I didn’t even have to consider the picture because I took one look at what they got and it was really bad.  Fiona might be tired or might be slightly sick but she looked rough today and the picture showed all the pale blotchy face and frowning mouth.  I got a way better one 🙂


Fiona fell asleep on the way home and I wish I could too.  Getting up at 6:30 for a networking meeting is rewarding yet tiring.  I’m glad I don’t have to do it every week but going is worth it (I hope) in future business.

Next up is the girlscout drive a thon and somehow I need to get to walmart and the post office before 5pm…  Well, there are worse problems to have I suppose.


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