Thankful Thursday


Nap – hers in progress, mine on hold due to need to do things

House – excessive amount of lights in the front because I found a hoard of lights bought on clearance last year AND 40-degree weather.

Workout – yesterday was killer, today I’m moving like I’m 70, misfit does not acknowledge HIT well, I got almost no points and it was called ‘light exercise’

Books – Found an audio book but its kinda dumb, onto book 5 of a reading series, written nothing much more of note.

Beard – Santa’s; doing well.  Lars; still there


This week is moving fast and is dominated by Christmas prep.

  1. I’m nearly done with the Christmas cards and the final step is the labels.  This year I tried to print onto the envelopes and it did NOT make me smile… but, I can laugh about it today

    the only envelopes that did actually print are on the right.  All the address ones jammed or didn’t print anything and I have no idea why.  I think I’ll just circle the place in europe the card is gong and hope for the best.  ps. went back to labels, done in 3 minutes

  2. Those map cards are a bit of a mystery as to WHY they were in my printer que but I know what they exist.  Remember last week when I was laughing at the English guys not being able to label the states?  Well I gave myself a blank map and 5 minutes and this is my result.IMG_7326The fact that most of the ones I knew I was right about is cool.  While I was doing it Fiona made that scribble in the lower left.  I asked her if she knew the name of that place and she said “Africa”.  I’m not kidding.  I bet it was luck but hey, I’ll take it.
  3. Again with the Fiona, she has really really figured out the letter F and points it out constantly.  She can spell her name now and while she really can’t consistently name all the letters she can write her name.  This F is not her best, she really can do better but getting the N was a big deal, that has taken a week.  This is the first time she wrote her own name with no help other than looking at the exampleIMG_7375

And a bonus thing – the Christmas tree.  It is decorated and we had a good time playing with lights too.  I’m eternally grateful that there are pretty shatter proof ornaments and maybe some year we can take out the glass ones again…


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