Happy Birthday Blog!

My annual reminder that I’ve done this a really long time 🙂


I go through phases of trying to make this ‘more’ but there is just so much content already that is so me/general that I’ll never turn this into a hot blog.  I totally know how, there are a few methods that really work given effort/luck but I’m not interested in devoting myself to either a single hot topic, or, extreme drama.


Recently a few articles are floating around about how people present themselves on facebook or a blog.  The unanswerable question of ‘truth’.  There are people that get upset with themselves when the see a ‘perfect’ life and there are people that get upset when they see dirty laundry in public.  Either is action or reaction is undesirable…  I do hope that I am in the middle, that I’m real to the point that you would recognize me if we met and if you met me you wouldn’t be intimidated and would say Hi.  I seldom write the super bad things in my life and that is because I’m fortunate enough to have other ways of dealing with them, and, I don’t really want to document them.  Seriously, one of the best ways to get a ‘hot blog’ is to have big drama and one of the real ways the blog hay-day snowballed was people talking about real problems in their real lives because other real people felt far less alone.  I’ve read plenty of those and I appreciate what I’ve learned but for that level I don’t even compete.  I’m lucky enough that my kids are no more difficult than average.  I am also lucky that my reproductive successes far outnumber and overshadow any failure or struggle.  I hope to never have a super sad story to document.  Maybe one of my big cool goals will happen and this blog will be famous because I’m famous (highly unlikely)


So for 11 years I’ve written and I have no plans on stopping.  Thanks for all the people who have commented or liked or followed. I’m up to 16,000+ views for around 2000 posts and 783 wordpress followers.  That is not nothing and while I don’t know who most of those 700+ people actually are I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone says they like what I write or they like reading every day.  I like it too 🙂  I think I’m a dinosaur still using this method and style but it suits me and if you are reading it suits you too~




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