I lost Monday


nowhere near where we should be on any front


I somehow just lost yesterday.  I had a workout planned that I had to skip to meet someone who never showed up.  I went to the store and achieved printed Christmas cards and things to put up lights BUT not enough extension chords so it looks kinda silly.


This all apparently exhausted me (also I had bad sleep) so I tried to nap while Fiona napped but that didn’t work all that well and for my 20 min of sleep I woke up worse, but, not as bad as Fiona who woke up wet…  The girls had a good day at school I think but were wired and at each other and my mood didn’t mix well.


Everyone was fed and things were done but not to the level of a normal Monday and poor Zoe suffered lack of pants this morning because the load with all her jeans never got into the dryer.


Today is going better and the week is looking fine, just hard to get motivated after a zero sum day.  I am looking forward to a pair of nights out!  Today is PTA and Thursday is a holiday party~


oh, and our bird tree is mostly for the squirrels, but, I like this cute little guy…IMG_7374


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