Christmas is coming


Nap; warm enough to walk so we did, so she napped!

House; nothing much new other than adding a large green formally alive evergreen

Miles; The nap walk really helps – 733/1000 points today and I still have an elliptical run planned.

Books; my audio book is confusing me because I can’t find the first in the series.  My reading book is awesome and a time suck.  My writing book is mostly in my brain still but coming out in little bits.

Zoe has been begging for a tree for days and I knew the beard would tell us today was the day, plus, it’s pretty hard to all find a tree together during the week.  Every week seems to have something ‘extra’ these days but busy and social is great.


Once we were at the store finding a tree was easy. We think maybe next year we will go into the wild for a tree… maybe… the store is so much warmer and well lit plus we can get bacon and parts to repair our annoying toilet all in the same place.


The girls insisted on carrying in the tree and it is resting in the garage with a nice bucket of water until it more resembles a triangle.


Tomorrow I have a feeling the beard will tell us to decorate…



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