Thankful Thursday


Nap – in progress!!!  She fell asleep in the car and for once I got her to keep sleeping in her bed.  Let’s hope this works for the winter…
Workout – After a bit of a lifting break I’m back at it and doing my body weight plus a little bit.
Mom Miles – Misfit does not give much credit for weight lifting…  It also does not like to stay on your shoe when doing pushups so I missed half a boot camp credit yesterday.  However, my lifetime total so far equals 48.7% of a marathon.
House – thanksgiving is totally away, even away into storage.  Now Christmas is spilling around the house…  I also tackled the coat/glove/hat situation and all things that don’t fit or are for a different season are away – like totally away either in the garage or in the donate box (that is also in the CAR!)


I totally forgot to write one of these for THE Thursday of Thanks, last week – but – I did try to consciously be happy for the things around me.  Every time I went out to the pantry and came back I got to smell the things cooking and hear the kids playing…  But that was last week!

This week I am Thankful

  1. that the coat/hat/glove/snowpant/boot situation that is currently under control.  Everyone has something suitable and there are no unopened caches of winter gear (I think) lurking in storage spots.
  2. I have a fun misfit toy to play with
  3. That I live here.  Boring, no crowds to shoot up for a statement here.  There is trouble in the cities, there is trouble all over, but right here in semirural Minnesota I think I still feel safe.  Even if nobody in Europe knows our state – I can’t blame them, my map of Europe would not be awesome either… – maybe that is part of our stealth package to keep the bad people away.


    From Buzzfeed, link above, its worth reading all the maps


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