1 December 41


Nap – none at nap time but asleep in the 3 second car ride to get sisters
workout – still to come, planned for next
Mom miles – 318/100 points so far, apparently folding 5 loads of laundry isn’t that intense but it is important for people who like pants.
House – I’m attacking Fiona’s room (she is a hoarder)
Holiday – Thanksgiving is down, Christmas on deck


There are about 3 people who will ‘get’ the title.  For everyone else today is the birthday of the Civil Air Patrol.  Not something I’m involved in at all in the least at this point (or the previous 18ish years) but some things just stick in my brain.

The first of December is also day one of the Christmas count down.  Last year we did an advent beard and I was of two minds about doing it again until Zoe brought it up 2 days ago as the thing she was most looking forward to.  Easy enough, yesterday I sat down and checked my notes (ie: blog entries) and based on past experiences I tweaked my system.

  1. Last year things ended up on inconvenient dates so this year I made a column on my spreadsheet (that I didn’t print, just a guide) with the date and the day of the week and with my schedule in mind I put things on the right days that we can actually do them.
  2. I have a much better reader this year  so I glued down the edges
  3. I kept it more low key this year, we have busy lives and this is supposed to enhance not frenzy us

I’m glad I did it because yesterday when I picked up the kids the first question was if I did Santa’s beard yet and I could tell them that santa had emailed the list and all I had to do was put it together and I did so with their help (they decorated the hat).

This morning with much fanfare Zoe got to do the first cut because I have proof (thanks timehop) that Niamh went first last year 🙂  Now I need to go haul out the decorations because that is what santa’s beard says to do.

Here is the list for any interested, I’ll be checking in on how we do over the next 24 days… (in reverse order, read from the bottom up)

Cookies for santa

Be Helpful

Hug your Grandparents

Bring treats to school for teachers

5 good girl things

Handprint Art

Bake mom a cake

bake cookies

say thankyou extra

finish teacher and friend gifts

sing christmas songs

Toys for Tots

Clean my room

Watch a christmas movie

Read a Christmas Story

Help my teacher

Start Teacher gifts

Ask friends about their holiday plans

Decorate the Tree

Get a Tree!

Listen extra hard and Help

make a bird tree outside

Read a Christmas Story

Decorate for christmas


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