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Midnight 2.0

Goodbye sage cafe

And 299 for east coast midnight. 

Happy 2016

Midnight 1.0

Party w friends and back to 299 for “midnight” thanks to Netflix at 9pm. 

Now on to the grown up going out side thanks to grandma who volunteered to mind the kids. 

What day is it?


blogging; like the weather expect anything

naps; I’ve had more than Fiona

Books; Onto the next in my Golden Fool series (Robin Hobb), started a new collection of Stephen King short stories on audio, Have written nothing in 2 weeks but my writing partner has so that counts :).  **forgot to mention a pretty weak romance I listened to called ‘Montana bride’.

Health; everyone around us is sick so I’m hopeful that our kids hold out.

Visiting; have seen every family member in the state, 1 friend briefly, and met a few new people at the yacht club.

Exercise; ? what? my exercise apps think I’ve died and are sending reminder beeps.


I should probably have an entire category dedicated to the fact that when my schedule is off I no longer have the ability to remember the day or date.  I’m in NY, I believe it is Monday, but I can’t even say that it feels like an X day because I’m just in vacation muddle.  Fortunately the kids are all having a good time with different toys in a different space so my lack of planning looks more like ‘taking it easy’.  I know some people plan vacation to simply do nothing but I’m not that person.

All the holiday festivities of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day all had prescribed and traditional things that I was happy to participate in and plan little of.  I made more rainbow cookies and other than that I’ve been in the helpful crew rather then the leadership team.  That is nice for a change 🙂

I am getting in the mindset of the end of year review.  What went well, what didn’t work as planned.  Mostly things feel the same but if I give thought to it tons has changed.  My big personal change was leaving behind problems I could not solve and had no business solving.  That has simplified so many thing!  I can’t worry about how other people lead their lives, and with that, I accept what they choose and if I strongly disagree I just drift away from the situation.  That isn’t what I planned on writing but I don’t totally plan my writing here anyway.

Well the day moves on and I think I’m going to force the nap issue today since the last few bedtimes have been not ideal with #3.  It is also sunny so I’m going to enjoy the double reason to go out for a walk (plus I need to know what happens next with Mr King’s person eating car).






Nearly christmas

I don’t have my computer here so it’s much harder to type! We got to New York with no problems, the airport and flights were actually really easy. Amazing, having three bigger kids is easier than having three littler kids!
 I had a ton more typed but then my app crashed and I don’t want to retype it up so here are a few pictures


santa is healthy here


breathing is hard in new places


church proof


boarding is so fun


electronics and snacks = airplane win


no snow here either!


Packed and ‘ready’ to go


nap – me now, Fiona IDK she was at school…

ice report – lake has a solid layer, might support a squerral or small cat

Packing – as good as I can

House – surprisingly tidy

workout – see above two items

Cat – needy but needs met


I’m very glad I scheduled this entire day to prep for leaving.  Before 10 am I had done all the normal monday plus get Fiona ready AND special Raindeer hair.  I also went to the DMV and renewed my lisecnce (I fear the TSA won’t allow expired), returned all the library books, got special cat food from the vet and special cat litter from the pet store.  Worlds fastest trip to the grocery because I broke the frosting for the cupcakes and needed more cream.


By 11 am I had frosted and decorated festive cupcakes and made a very nice treats tray including rainbow cookies and delivered it to daycare.  I also oversaw (Lars actually did it) a tasty lunch box for our postal worker and stashed it in the mailbox (we know her).


Over the next few hours I did all the laundry, folded it all, sorted out what we are bringing.  I coordinated outfits for 5 people for 2 events including shoes and accessories (yes I dress my husband).  I mined all the spots I hid presents and made sure I was fairly equal betwen the kids and packed them all into a box and added a note for TSA since I’m sure it will look extra special in x-ray.  I cleaned as I went more or less but Lars took his lunch to clean the kitchen and he is probably why my day went so well.


Now that I have a fit bit I can see how high strung I apparently am.  Lets just say my resting heart rate is awesome, 65bpm when I’m asleep, that is very good.  However… while not actually exercising my BPM rocket up to 80-90 often.  To try and be healthy I took a lunch break to eat up leftovers and watch Ballers, for medical reasons obviously – nothing to do with The Rock.

Now final lists are in place, final load of laundry is in (towels etc),  kid food has been served, dishwasher is awaiting our dishes and I think that means I’m at the packing finish line!


Wish me well tomorrow as we navigate 2 airports and a car service with 5 people.

Full steam to Christmas!

Status – still morning, 4 of 5 people are awake and fed and the plan for the day is long and ambitious!


So I had the post below (in pink) entirely written but I was doing it while also baking a cake that had three layers to be baked individually for between 10 and 12 minutes, and, parenting and a friend stopped by and I was cooking dinner and finally the babysitter came and I never made another trip downstairs to hit publish.  Here it is….


Nap – not yet? 

House – baking has begun

Exercise – I got a cool new Fitbit so I have new stats!  It is also on a wrist band so way harder to hide but also harder to misplace.

Task List length – very very long, inversely proportional to the shrinking Santa beard.


My birthday ended in an odd fashion, but the whole day was a mix of normal with a dose of special.  We went to a friends house like we normally do on Friday and she made a yummy cake and I was sung to and it was very nice.  Only downside was that dinner for the kids was very late (she is just on a different schedule) and I didn’t get to have my family sing to me this year because by the time we got home and got kids fed and ate something it was nearly bedtime.  


Tonight we had a late birthday/ date night planned, but we are probably going to a friends game night.  Less relaxing and but more fun, I’ll just roll with it.  Today I tried to get my yearly calendar printed AGAIN and it has been rough.  First their machine was broken, now it’s fixed but it spewed out all the waiting orders and they have no idea where they all are…  Mine is missing but I did get to see lots of other families looking for mine.  They told me to re-order but:: surprise surprise:: it is something that can only be done from a desktop.  I’m here, at a desktop, waiting for the site to load after 5 or 6 tries it just can’t keep up.  Family, you might get this late…  I’m hopeful that maybe the Walmart near my parents will have better luck, but that assumes that someday I can load the page to order them.  


I did get my 3 color cookies baked and assembled, tomorrow they get chocolate topping and cut up for distribution…


Back to today, Yes, we did go to a friends house last night and it was a very nice time.  They just got a new house in the summer and it is very much like our house but just enough different to be different.  Next task up on the computer is to see if WalMart got fixed overnight.  We also plan on doing teacher gifts and painting today and then the packing will begin for our trip on Tuesday.

PS – according to Fit Bit I did 18 flights of stairs yesterday and that never includes my 1/2 flights, it only counts when I go up or down 2 floors in a row.