It is a Race!

Eye: nearly perfect

Naps: zero

Book consumed: 25% of reading, 50% of listening

House: yes


My parents left Long Island this morning on their way to come visit me.  Will they get here before I get things clean?

Thats the race…

Today in an effort to not kill the cat I re-arranged the room he has now decided is his litter box.  All dress up items are moved far away, he has a mat to protect our floor, 80% of the other furnature in the room also moved to accomidate moving the dress up stuff.  I do like rearranging furnature but not with the constant smell of pee in my nose.

The guest room only needed minor cleaning with fresh sheets etc because we have had a few guests recently so its been in good order.  Bathroom is also nice and clean.  The kids were making messes in the remainder of the house while I was cleaning so tomorrow I clean them and/or shut doors to kid bedrooms.  Lars was was out all day today so tomorrow he and the kids need some quality time somewhere else. (I don’t care where)

I have apx 9.5 hours to get my part done, I think I’m going to win 🙂  Regardless, I win, because they don’t really care how clean the house is and they are coming and that is a win for me!


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