Workday Wednsday

Face – same, maybe better?  Thanks melagel I don’t think I’ll scar

Pills – DONE

Naps – check, sick kids =bad sleep and I don’t want my face exploding

Exercise – see above nap… but I’m leaning toward a run tonight

Fiona – back to a mild cold and at school collecting new germs



Today I’ve tried to focus on finishing things that are started.

– I finished paying all the bills and updating all the files related to bills.

– The garage is finished except for one box of wood that I need to bring to the burn pile but it’s raining so that can wait.  I need to pull in the car today to double check.

– The pile of dress up costumes that the CAT peed in is in the wash for the second time.  Cat might be on the list of things that need to be handled soon….  He has peed again and again outside of his box.  This is not a good life plan for him.

Next up is laundry and a few other small projects and I’m going to resist the really good book I’m reading.


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