Facebook analysis

Eye status; no worse then a mosquito bite (and just as itchy)

Pills; last one waiting for 5pm!!!

House; I just got a laminater…. enough said

Fiona; 1 breathing treatment today and no wheezes (or chest conversation)


Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed on facebook that my friends are upset by what they read on their friends posts.  Obviously, I’m apparently not friends with their friends because on my FB feed things are status quo *except* for the posts about people disliking their own feeds!    Today I decided to throw a ‘thank you’ to my facebook friends because they are on the whole a good group.  Remembering back to my corporate days when I would tell IT to please set up a new person “just like so-n-so” meaning duplicate that guy, his stuff is just right – I laughingly suggested that if you need a good setup for friends lists my list seems pretty primo.

Not that spawned some discussion that some people can’t pick their family and honestly, I have one family member muted from my feed but I still go read her page.  The more interesting comment came from my uncle who asked (rephrased) “so who are your friends demographically?” Interesting question….  I rememberd from a few years ago a cool iconograph that showed the interactions of your friends with eachother, tracking mutual friendships, and I went looking for facebook stat maker like that but apparently FB has removed the ability to query that data.  That is an interesting side tangent… but… I can easily look at my friends to say who I am friends with.


I have 576 friends.  That feels like a lot and I’m sure there are some nuts in the bunch that I just don’t see what they write.  I’m not privy to the super seceret algrorythem of FB feeds, but, I’m assuming that the order they are listed on my friends page denote some decending level of interaction or connection or something (note1) so I’m going to look at my first 100 friends as listed on my friends page:


My top 10 friends are 9 women and 1 man.  These are people I do truly talk to and interact socially often.  Both my sisters and my mom are in the top 10.  Miss Math (BFF met in HS), and the remaining 6 are all SCA people from MN/WI/ND.  They are all educated, college for all I think, and I know of at least 3.5 masters degrees, and a JD in the bunch.

The next twenty, 5 men and 15 women.  I’m blood or marrage related to 4 of the 20.  5 of the 20 are friends from Highschool, either classmates or met through classmates.  The other 15 are split 50/50ish between SCA friends and MOMs club or mom friends from here.  I’m not totally sure of everyones education but all professionals in their fields.

The next twenty are really similar to the previous batch  – A selection of relatives/inlaws, Mom’s club, SCA friends both old and new.  I can basically say that is my whole list.  I have very very few people from my former jobs, only people I consider friendss.  The SCA tends to have intellegent people and my fellow MOMs either don’t care or are too kind to say anything mean.  The closest I get to someone saying something onerous is in my own family set and that is very rare also.

That in a nutshell is my friends list.  Low on drama, high on motivation and sharing cool things.



(note 1. it isn’t alphabetical or by when I friended them for sure)


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