Its a Monday

Face status; Normal! just a bit of a scab that most polite people don’t feel compelled to ask about

Pills; 4 left! The end is in sight

House; Much cleaner than average, and, extra decorations done

Word count; not much more from me but my partner rocks – 12k ish


Friday Fiona had a sniffle.  Saturday she started wheezing so I was up half the night with her.  Sunday she was ok in the day, on the crabby side, but in the night she was a wreck and I was up most of the night with her.  I slept on her floor and the wheezing sound actually started to sound like little people talking – I actually looked to see if the tv was on but I think my dream brain just interperted that sound as talking (or, the Musenex glob does talk and lives in Fiona)

Todays plans were a wash.  I got an hour or two in the morning while Lars got everyone ready and out and I am not really all that bad myself.  Fiona was on strict every 4 hour nebuliser treatments and they seem to be doing something for her because she is sound asleep in record time.  While I was home, not going out, I got to a bunch of little jobs around the house and Fiona was very content to help and/or watch so not what I intended to do but also not a loss either.

My parents are coming this weekend so yippie for company!  Personally I feel a head in cleaning since I cleaned the bathroom super well (nothing better to do with multiple stem-breathing sessons in a day) and a bunch of tidying is already done.  If I can keep on track I won’t have any big cleanings to do – amazing….

That is my monday and I’m crossing my fingers for an early bedtime for me to.



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