Happy Veteran’s day

Eye status – nearly normal, I’m telling people its Roller Derby now

Pills – about halfway! only 22 pills left to take

Sleep – back to normalish, but, I see a nap in my future

House – well… lets say I’ve been napping but its not all that bad really

Given the November posting challenge I’ve done for years I’ve very accurately documented Veteran’s day.  To my knowledge no new people I know have entered the military nor exited.  My BiL is rewarded well by the USAF for his continued service, my sister is also finding the military a decent place to work (being in Hawaii helps).  The Navy medical team is helping a dear cousin increase her family. The Army continues to send my grandmother a pension earned by my grandfather in WWII.  I’m also pretty proud of my friends in the Canadian military so I’m thanking them all too today~

For about 10 minutes I considered military service.  I’m pretty glad I didn’t…  Lars also was accepted to the AF academy pending a 1-year wait list (he declined) and then later was offered a job on a Navy sub but decided to stay with me instead 🙂  My life is more or less military adjacent – I know plenty about it but no first-hand experience.  At this point in my life I can’t see that changing but I will continue to be a proud sister, cousin, granddaughter, and friend.



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