Sunday status

Face- gargoyle but maybe better than yesterday

pills – 5 of 40 done

writing – not much but we are offical count of 7257.  It totally helps to have a co-author

house – Halloween is down, Thanksgiving/fall is half up meaning there are random bits of decoration ‘around’

hours sleeping/in bed – 407, the most ever in years.  I don’t think I even spent this much time in bed when I gave birth…  I have been either napping, or resting and going to bed early.  I might look frightful but I feel rested


Hey, I’m still winning on NaBloPoMo and everyone is fed so that’s two more for the win column.

oh, did you know the kids had off tomorrow?  It isn’t just my kids tricking me… I checked, they really have off.  Don’t know why but they do~


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