Saturday – my turn for sickness

So remember that little bite thing.

It got bigger

and more nasty

and there were jokes about wife beating (jokes for sure, for one thing he is righty and it is my right eye;)

Today I took a little me time and went to the ER.  They are a great crew there at Fairview, I was in and seen super fast and they poked and pushed and tested and decided I was a day or so BEFORE it got really bad.  See!  progress with self-care, I didn’t wait until it was dire.

So I’m supposed to take it generally easy because I more or less got an infection of opportunity because I have not gotten enough rest.  It is a rare night I don’t get woken up but I’m sure someday they will stop…  Good news is that I will be fine and I have strict orders to return if anything gets worse instead of better.

Now I need to somehow restfully put the house back in order because I’ve hardly done anything in 2 days because I was so tired and actually took some time off to sleep~

ps. I do have pictures but not even my beauty app could make it good enough to put on the internet, the Dr called me ‘rather A-symmetrical…’


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