Three things

It’s hard to pull up 3 things because my face hurts.  Some mean bug/virus/voodoo bit my face – in my eyebrow to be exact – and now I look like I went a few rounds or got an ill advices piercing from a shady shop.  Due to the instant nature of invasion of my face, my body is pitching in to fight by creating extremely painful swollen glands directly on my jaw hinge right below my ear making my jaw, ear, and neck hurt.  This adds to the boxing allure of my features and also gives me a wicked headache ~  Advil and decongestant seem to help.  Googling my symptoms does not since according to google I have a sudden face tumor, however, the real evidence of swelling reducing powers of Advil and a compress indicate it is probably not a tumor.  Rule 1. never google a symptom….

Anyway!  For real it has been just fine of a week.

  1. Halloween was last week and has been celebrated to the fullest.  (and already documented)
  2. We found a babysitter!  In a round about way Fiona pitching an epic and stereotypical tired 3-year-old fit led to the fortunate find of a real teenager with a car who will gladly watch our kids.  We were thinking of bringing the kids to a party – they were welcome but it was late – and at a closer party the night before we tested the theory.  Distinct failure.  Leading to the conclusion that we either had to find a sitter or not go because we value our friendships enough to not bring a loaded preschooler into a party.  A frantic text and facebook search turned up a daughter of a friend of a friend who I’ve even met at mutual friends parties and she extended the offer to babysit (over a year ago) and the stars aligned and she was available and it all worked well.  We will have to call her again and I’m so glad when good things eventually come of bad tantrums.
  3. This totally self-centered app!  It’s called InstaBeauty and I took a picture of my face last night – all full of issues, lack of sleep, end of the day, no makeup and it fixed me 110%.  I feel vaguely dishonest even using the app but it does make pretty pictures.  Mostly it fixes skin but it also adds makeup and can make your nose smaller and your eyes bigger and your face slimmer… crazy.  Worth playing with and certainly made me smile last night.



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