Crazy dream coincidence

Today, after many many many days of wiggling, Zoe lost her first tooth.  Technically she swallowed it…  in her sleep…  Our Tooth Fairy is pretty ok with lost teeth, this is the second swallowed so far and one is lost at Pennsic so Zoe is just happy to show off her gap today in school.

The weird thing is that I had a dream last night/early morning about pulling out her tooth.  I was a super normal, very short dream, where I pulled it loose from that last tiny thread and everything was fine.  If I didn’t know better I would have said that is what happened – it was that normal feeling of a dream.  But I woke up and knew it was a dream since I was in bed.

The more weird thing is that Zoe came into my room and said SHE had a dream about me pulling out her tooth.  She was a bit unsure if it was a dream since it felt ‘really real’ to her and she woke up without a tooth but since we are positive she had it last night (I checked) it had to be a dream.

How odd is that?  One of us dreaming about the tooth isn’t all that odd because it was a center of concern and conversation for the past week (or more) but Both of us?  Maybe my very sensitive girl is a little extra sensitive 🙂

I already have the tooth fairy bounty ready, I have my 10:30pm alarm (labeled taxes) set, and an adorable gappy smile girl.

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