50,000 words

I have been pondering the book thing.  Yes I’m doing it, No I’m not doing it all in November.  I decided that was a bit more stress than I needed to pour on myself at the moment.  I did however, write a very extensive outline, hash out a good reason for what is going on and even a resolution.  Part of my exercise yesterday was to even chart out how to accomplish 50k words in this book and once I started chopping up that number it is actually not enough words…

50k in money – I’ll take it and say thanks but not retire or anything, it would be a nice chunk to work with if it was ‘extra’.  50k pushups – my arms would fall off.  50k words… at first that felt really really long but when I chopped it into chapters it looks a lot like 10 chapters of 5000 each, practically nothing.  For comparison, my average blog post is between 500 and 100 words.  At this exact point in this post I’ve written 170 words.   Grammarly, the spell/grammar check I use to avoid the worst of embarrassing errors, sends stats weekly and I happened to get my report today.  In the past week I have typed 11283 words using this browser (where it is loaded).  If I write 11k words a week, I already write nearly 50k a month and I’m hardly trying!  Ok, I do try, I do make an honest effort to write here daily and to work on e-mails and to write some copy for my client, but I don’t sit at the computer for hours a day at the keyboard.  I kinda wish I knew how many words I wrote a day when I did sit at a desk all day.

After I started to suspect that 50k might not enough to cover my story I started looking up word counts on books I like.  Dresden books – the shortest is 80k (goes up to 150ish).  Charline Harris – 90k is her shortest.  Both of those authors I constantly wished they wrote more!  I hope someday to join them in the fantasy/fiction genre but it won’t be by the end of November…

It feels good to have that decision worked out, maybe next year when I have 3 days a week with zero children home, I’ll give writing a book in November a go but this year I have a Fiona to keep track of.


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One response to “50,000 words”

  1. bhuidhe3 says :

    I look forward to reading your book, especially considering the other authors you listed.!


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