Happy November!

In keeping with tradition I have again signed up for NaBloPoMo – national Blog posting month.  Where we say we will post daily for the month.  I like it in general because it is a bit of a challenge, and, I end up finding some great blogs to start following.  My luck with those blogs continuing to write after November is around 50/50 but if you don’t try you never win right?

Today is an easy one to fill since yesterday was the culmination of the Halloween season and today is my personal Day of the Dead.

It is hard but necessary I think to go look at my book every year with the kids.  I want them to know their history.  It isn’t bad for them to hear that my aunts heart gave out when she was far too young because it had to work far too hard.  It might be difficult to tell them about the various ends of various people but it’s also the opportunity to let them know the fun, great, cool things they did too.  I’m also pleased to say that our book has zero new entries this year.

Halloween events dominated last week, by Real Halloween we were almost tired of dressing up but the kids were still extremely excited.  We carved pumpkins finally – getting all of us together is hard!- and then we did my costume photo shoot.  This year 2 of 3 of the costumes lent themselves to outdoor backgrounds nicely so we didn’t go anywhere special.  Our #3 decided to streak the photoshoot in only half her costume – goes to show it was a warm Halloween.


We did the door knocking thing.  It was dismal as usual, our loop is devoid of Halloween lovers and only 3 people answered their door.  I semi envy the awesome neighborhoods with their bonfires and 100% participation, but, this also gives us the opportunity to run off to a party or 2 on Halloween and have no guilt (or fear) at leaving our house empty. First stop was the Maranatha indoor fiesta, we came home with pounds of candy and they had a fantastic time.  I saw a bunch of friends, ate a surprisingly decent steak sandwich there while watching the kids go on the inflatables endlessly, and got tons of little girls attention for being Belle (and one boy too, he wanted a fist bump and said I was his favourite princesses and looked about 12, whatever, that’s cool too)

next stop was home to deposit the children in the care of a last minute babysitter.  That is a story for another day!  Post peacefully tucked in kids – We were joined by Lars’s BFF and his wife for Halloween party but first we had to stop at the store to get some far too perfect pictures of Jay and Silent Bob.  Yes, I married a stereotype, he and his friend ARE Jay and Silent Bob (minus the more seedy things obviously).


The party was fun as always and I clarified a few book ideas with a real author friend.  We got home late but not too late and except for the time change nonsense today has gone nicely with not too much of a ‘hangover’ from the excitement of the past week.  Right now kids are playing, I successfully outlined a novel, and next is Costco – just your basic Sunday 🙂


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