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Last Day of Every Day


Nap – not for me, not for Fi… TV is my friend

Book – Reading; finished 1, started another.  Listening – stalled. Writing – also minimal progress

Workout – back on the wagon! last three days on the elliptical and today back to boot camp.

Misfit – 641/1000 points today (ps. got a misfit, thanks mom!)

Cat – still alive and now fed


The past week was understandably upside down but in a good way.  All free time pre-parent arrival was spent getting ready and all time while they were here were used in family activity time.  The kids loved extra people to read to and read to them and play games and I’m just always glad to have my parents visit.  We did ingress, we went to an art museum without kids and a kids museum with kids (would be wrong to go the other way on that)

Thanksgiving itself was lovely.  Friends did the major cooking so we did some sides and a dessert and I got to do all the cool pretty things I have wanted to for years.  When I am doing the dinner I end up chopping a few projects in the interest of doing a few things well but this year I got to do all the crafts I’ve been putting off.  I pinned this paper turkey the FIRST year I was on Pinterest and have wanted to do it every year.  Finally, 5 years later, I did it and it was well received by kids and adults.  It was very very easy and the filling options are limitless!

Parents departed on Saturday morning and the remainder of the weekend floated by in unplanned glory.  A bit too much TV was watched but we did get a few things done.  Most important was my quest for snow pants for all.  That was a harder task than you think because we went 3 places and only 1 had 1 pair of snow pants!!!  I got the other online and in the mean time I repaired a set from last year so all kids were weather safe this morning when we woke up to some snow and winter temps.  Getting them out the door with an extra layer was not fun but we did it!


Today was nice and normal.  Boot camp, grocery shopping with one child, got cat food for the cat who now needs special cat food and home for lunch and a rest time so I get an hour to do things without a Fiona assistant (like blog with words).  This week is mostly normal again but with the added bonus of Christmas is coming sauce on all the things.  The snow had good timing, I am feeling like Christmas now 🙂


Ps. I believe I did win the daily blog challenge and if you found me through there don’t worry, I’m not going to quit like way too many blogs.  I dip down to 5x  a week but this is a habit now, for better or worse, my compulsion to blah to the internet is permanent.

PPS. WordPress changed a thing!  I can now make my pictures be in cool different formats!  Go wordpress!

Selfie Sunday

For lack of time/content here is a picture of me watching walking dead…


Santa came to town


Pie Friday 

The day after thanksgiving might be famous for shopping but for us it’s all about pie for brunch. 


Happy thanksgiving!

And a wonderful time was had by all. 


Thanksgiving prep

Turkey is ready!

Dark meat = pretzels

White = popcorn.