This was originally a bit of an accident post but I’m going to fix it up now for Pinning purposes.

This week I tried to Halloween up the lunches and snacks and dinners, all the ideas came from Pinterest but way too often they are just a picture and no explanation so here is how I did it;

  1. American cheese ‘Jack-o-lantern’
    1. Supplies a slice of cheese and a sharp knife and a cutting board.
    2. Cut out a few shapes from the cheese (feed them to a child at breakfast)
    3. put the cheese on top of whatever else you pack.  (Mine are on top of a napkin filled with pretzels, I wrap up the pretzels to keep them fresh)
  2. Ghost popcorn
    1. Supplies a bag, a sharpie, ribbon or twist tie and popcorn
    2. Draw on the bag first
    3. Fill with popcorn and tie with a ribbon

3. Mummy Dogs – there are actually tons of videos on this.  For the record I used scissors to cut the dough and all wrapping was done by a 3 and 5-year-old.  I added blue sprinkles post cooking.


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