Living far

**warning – self-centered sadness to follow – skip if that isn’t your thing**

Its been on my mind and I’m not sure how to even bring it up but once I write it hopefully it can get out of my brain…

Yes, I choose to move.  That means I can’t go to the bar with my highschool or college friends.  Apparently that also means that I am removed from consideration on things like weddings.

True, I can’t make every wedding (even if I did live close).  I don’t even vaguely expect invitations to weddings of people I don’t have contact with, or, if the wedding is tiny or family only etc just because we were friends way back.  I understand completely.  The thing that gets me is when I see group pictures from a wedding of a friends group that I was a part of, that I have fairly frequent interaction with….  etc.

So many people just walk away from friends when they move and I suppose they feel that’s what other people do too.  I don’t.  I’ll get over it, I understand.  I’m not going to sever a positive relationship because I value that relationship even if the other person(s) don’t.

Enough on this depressing thing.  Nobody likes a sad person – To try and end on an up note here is today’s Halloween lunch and last night’s dinner.  What I can do in my life if focus on all the good people I get to meet and know here and all the true friends that have kept me in their lives (even if they know that I’ll probably decline the birthday party or BBQ in NY, its nice to be thought of)IMG_7054IMG_0313


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