Normal Today

I’m starting to really love time hop.  This app reinforces my tendency to compare now to last year or 4 years ago by literally telling me what I published in previous years.  Yesterday it noted a blog post and I semi-forgot what I wrote so I clicked.  When I read it I was transported to a time that I thought I would never forget, a time I have forgotten…  I wrote the post because I loved the messy snapshots that were with all the photos of baby Lars.  The unposed, un fixed.  That day I dissected a snapshot and I’m so glad I did because yesterday I remembered so much that I had forgotten.

Today I want to try again.  This probably isn’t too interesting to anyone else unless you also happen to be in the same situation as me, or, ever wondered what the stay at home mom house looks like at 11:30am…


This is the same corner of the house as 4 years ago but instead of a 1 year old Zoe you can see a 3 year old Fiona.  A person who didn’t even exist yet!  Instead of the constant interaction of the 1 year old crowd, Fiona is upstairs playing and fairly indipendant – I actually had to call her to be in the picture and she was busy ‘reading to her babies’.  She doesn’t really let me get away with doing my own thing for long, I need to be on call at all times for potty help, doll dressing, to look at something, or to kiss whatever part of her body she has hurt.

I feel like I have to say that our kitchen and stairs are suffering from us being away for the weekend and we just dumped things in the hall.  But yes… it is rare to have a perfect kitchen in our house and this is all about the real way not the way I like to see in pretty pictures.

The detail in the last post hooked me because I know I was writing totally mundane details but 4 years later I was so happy for the reminder.  Today you can see Halloween decorations up – the kids actually leave them alone and are glad of the glowing pumpkins.  Zoe helped make the paper flowers and the only decoration that gets messed with are the little Halloween ducks you can hardly see on the ledge.  I also like the look of my nice wood stairs and ledge, way better than builder grade carpet that was impossible to get clean.  I don’t miss that stuff!

The table has some breakfast still, Fiona and I eat second shift breakfast.  We send the bigger kids off to school and we eat before we go off to whatever we are doing.  We go out almost every day and this day we were out to a workout by 9:30 so it was an eat and run day.  Same goes for the cereal bags on the floor, I feel like I should leave them there, but I promise, they do go away daily.  The table also has a pile of school product – I’m not quite sure what to call the ‘bounty’ of paper we get daily from school but I sit every afternoon with them and go through it all.  Sometimes they love the snuggle and attention and tell me about each paper, other days they are too into playing and I peruse it solo.  I pull out the most important things and the rest gets recycled.

Speaking of recycling… the walmart bag on the back of the chair is full of walmart bags.  I’m bursting with the things and I’m never sure what to do with them.  They are not recyclable, I can only use so many trash bags and I hate throwing them away to just fill a landfill.  The other bag on the floor was just from that morning.  How it got on the floor I don’t know but it had a set of riding gloves in it.  Amazon prime has made us so spoiled with things arriving daily 🙂

The bag on the chair is from a playdate from last week.  It has moved from in the car to the hall and from the hall to storage but then it was used to pack animals for the trip and when it ripped (pre trip) it was abandoned.  I like to let the kids pack themselves, they are learning about space and what is good for packing into etc.  That bag now is holding the newest batch of recycling, waiting for a child chore time to bring it out.

And I want to remember the things you don’t see too.  There are no boosters, they rejected them a few weeks ago.  There are no sisters, they are in school every day.  There are no sippy cups or bottles or multiple sets of spoons because I need to feed someone.  There are no toys, no highchairs, no exersaucers…  I’m happy for every step forward but there is still a fond memory of the other things too.

My days now are busy in a new way.  I go workout 3 days a week at 9:30 and except for a rare day we have playdates the other 2.  We do school ‘stuff’ when the bigger girls get home but Fiona likes to play school in her room with her animals and barbies.  We do some housework together but usually I tidy wherever she wants to be and get the other things when she naps or is playing.  This is my last year with a full time child at home so next years ‘normal’ will be radically different again.

I don’t know if you will take my advice but take a picture of your life with no edits, you will be happy in about 4 years 🙂


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One response to “Normal Today”

  1. Paul says :

    Bring the bag of bags in the car with you, so that you can reuse them in the store. Some stores around here actually give a few cents credit for doing this.You can certainly reuse them a couple of times.


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