I took a day off… kinda

I know there are millions of people that never get a day off and never get a vacation and I’m lucky enough that my ‘job’ is pretty laid back about most things – nobody even cares if I get dressed really.  Good thing I’m self-motivated!

The past two weeks have been jammed full and the next few are about the same and I have 2 kids that think that MY BED is the place they should be so I have not had a solid night sleep in a couple weeks (or 7 years if your counting) and last night was particularly bad that this morning I declared myself in need of a sick day.

As it happens… today is Fiona’s day for daycare anyway so no child suffered parental neglect from my day off.

I oversaw feeding and dressing and backpacking and shoving out the door and went directly back to bed.  I slept until 11am and while nowhere near enough it got me back to feeling human.

On my day off I felt wholly unproductive because I didn’t clean nearly anything or fold anything or exercise at all (kills me to miss a good workout).

On my day off I did manage 3 loads of laundry, wrote a resume for a volunteer position, got a few shopping things done on amazon, cleaned the bathroom, baked 2 loaves of bread and 2 batches of breakfast muffins and one pizza.  So, could have been worse.


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