This blog brought to you courtesy of the Unicorn

Fiona…  I think she was exchanged at birth by a sprite baby because she is perfecting mischief.  In the past 2 days if I do not have my eyes on her she somehow finds a way to seriously get into things…  and not just 2 days, its been months, but I try to block out the majority (but calls to poison control for her eating hobby stick with me)


  • produced an opened bottle for probiotics, that was previously sealed, and is now short 4 pills (1 looks opened and spilled) so happy digestion for her!
  • At workout today she managed to ‘ride’ me during every exercise, while doing wall ‘sits’ she just sat on my lap for a change.  I have a 30lb adder on all exercises, I think that means I burn the most calories in the group.
  • managed to spread a single slice of bread over 3 floors of the house
  • peeled off all the stickers on the produce in the cart so the checker had to look them up.

IMG_6839 IMG_6844


  • found my makeup.  Didn’t do a bad job but is also sporting the Frida
  • broke a pull toy that was made of 3/4 in plywood shaped like a little sheep.  That has survived 2 other kids…
  • Ate/divested the remaining 90% of this glue stick

I’m sure there is more but 3 is an exhausting stage.  So, during my normal posting time (her nap) I decided to nap but regardless of my intent her nap only lasted 45ming but those 15min of nap were great.  However during a miraculous turn of events our Unicorn Friend called and asked for some Fiona time so I had her waiting on the doorstep and since I have about 45min before I get the other girls I can’t nap but I can check my mail, follow up on a thing or two, and blog 🙂

Don’t get me wrong… Fiona is still sweet and cute and awesome in turn but I feel like she requires more constant vigilance then the others.

ps. those were not exhaustive lists, she also loves to taunt her sisters and steal their toys but then she bats her eyes and says she is ‘the baby!’.


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One response to “This blog brought to you courtesy of the Unicorn”

  1. jdawgswords says :

    ahhh…she’s the baby…lol…


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