MEA Holiday

When I was in school (in LongIsland NY) we had a plethora of early fall holidays. We had the Jewish ones; Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and, Colombus Day.  Growing up it was a great way to ease into school since you seldom had a full week for the first 3 months.  Minnesota has a fairly low Jewish population, definitely not enough to merit school days off, and when we had kids of school age we noticed the lack, but, understood.  However – for some reason – Minnesota must also just not have enough Italians to merit a day off for Colombus?  So yeah, no day off for Colombus day, BUT we do get a ‘mysterious’ MEA holiday.

As far as I can tell Minnesota must have just said “hey, we need a day or 3 off, we don’t want to get dragged into the ‘who discovered America’ debate and we all agree on education, so, let’s just say we need 3 days off for Minnesota Education Association.”  Bam, a holiday that nobody can gripe about because if you are anti-education nobody wants to listen to you anyway!  It was a serious mystery for me for a few years and I finally asked and apparently there is a big statewide agreement that teachers go to seminars for those 3 days (or something).

After finally getting in the groove of going to school I have 3 kids at home 🙂  I’m actually acquiring extra since its more fun to have a friend over and since the weather is fabulous and we have fun plans to make the most of the dwindling outside time. I’m also just dragging them to my normal things too – I’m not sure I put it here, but, I started back up at the boot camp I used to go to when Fiona was a baby.  Once she got too big to be held, we just had to stop going because she wasn’t big enough to behave.  Now she has friends there and behaves very well and I get 2 extra painful awesome workouts a week.  Niamh and Zoe joined this week and had a fabulous time.


she did 22 chin ups, I can do 7…


Today Shoreview for another workout – I’m up to squatting 185lb and its hard, but I know I can do more still – and this afternoon is nap dependent, but, we have some Halloween costumes to finish up.  Based on my time hop, today has been historically a Halloween costume day for the past 3 years!  Just when I was feeling like I was behind time hop lets me know I’m right on target.  I also have my well-earned mom night out tonight so pizza for the troops


Tomorrow we have good plans, but the weekend looms large with nothing firm.  There is a 4H thing we were invited to, projects to do, and plenty of little things but no major outing.  I’m sure something will come up!  I am only half done with all the costumes so there is always that to fall back on but this year they are just less complicated so I’m far less organized about ticking through them.

Speaking of – I should get to some of those projects…. twist my arm 😉

ps.  Anyone interested in a how-to for an Owl, Pocohantas, or a Red Superhero?  I also never wrote up SheRa, but I have all the pictures, same with Princess Sophia.  I am apparently the authority on Firestar because my post on that costume gets no less than 3 hits every single day. (even Christmas)


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